Outsourcing is a major decision for many companies. The possible monetary benefits have to be reconciled with the potential effect on customer service and satisfaction. Releasing a major part of your revenue building capabilities and exposing your customer base to a third party can be both a positive or negative endeavor. The question is not whether the outsourced company will deliver but will they deliver as you would yourselves deliver or even better?

For the outsourced company, abating the natural fears of a potential client is of the upmost importance. It involves having a deep understanding of the client’s business, cultivating a philosophy and ethos which echoes the client’s own ethos to customer service, adding value to the existing functions of the client and more.

North Star Direct, through its highly experienced management team and staff has the ability to deliver on all this and more. Our ethos is not just to deliver excellence to the customer but to the client also. We work closely with our clients in the early phase of a project and constantly seek to understand the clients core philosophy, strategy and objectives. To this we look to add our own value as an experienced and dynamic outsourcing company.

We have delivered on this for a number of major blue chip firms and small to medium sized enterprises by putting in place a custom fit plan for successful implementation which involves selecting the right people and processes combined with hi-tech and innovative technological solutions to deliver and maintain agreed targets.

The client’s aspirations are always imperative to us and in our experience we have found that the three main reasons for a company to outsource are:

  • To increase sales
  • To reduce costs
  • To improve customer service


It is these principles that are at the heart of our service and this is reflected in our mission which is:

Our mid-sized operation also gives us the flexibility to work equally with large blue chip companies and small to medium enterprises without compromising on quality. We lie strategically between the colossal and cumbersome ‘giant’ call centres that often sacrifice quality for quantity and the tiny ineffective bureaus that cannot cater for larger and more specific needs.

This middle ground gives us a number benefits:

Full range of services available from inbound call handling , outbound telemarketing campaigns to Overflow:

We offer our clients extended opening hours as well as increased call capacity. Most consumers expect sales/customer service lines to be open out of hours and at weekends.

  • High quality of service at every level
  • Low set up costs and rapid implementations of bespoke systems
  • Full flexibility with the ability to scale up and down as required by the client
  • State of the art telephony and call handling systems integrated with a hi-tech network infrastructure
  • Quality staff with a high level of retention and impeccable customer service
  • Warehouse facilities for storage and dispatch
  • 24/7 live operation throughout the year

In essence we are the complete outsourcing solution that has the ability and passion to deliver outstanding customer service at all levels and the drive to ensure that our skills and expertise applied to your operational requirements achieve maximum profitability and a brilliant customer experience with minimum cost.