What Is The Importance Of Data Capture?

Data capture services deal with the identification and extraction of data from the scanned documents. The collection of the right type of data is extremely critical to make informed decisions. It’s the input of data, not as a direct result of data entry but instead as a result of performing a different activity. Content can have a direct impact on improving the operational efficiencies and for that large amount of vital data needs to be captured that resides on forms and documents. Data capture services relieve client from laborious tasks of extracting targeted data from the forms and documents.

Here are some of the methods of capturing the data –

Manual Keying

It is appropriate for the data that is received in low volumes and results in low levels of recognition by intelligent data capture products. The manual keying of metadata is done from unstructured data.

Nearshore Keying

It is most appropriate for high volumes of individual documents with a high level of handwritten data. It is also used for capturing the data that has not been successfully captured and also it is appropriate for the high volume of individual documents.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

It is the technology that has the ability to successfully capture machine produced characters. Also, it can recognize many different OCR fonts, as well as a typewriter and computer-printed characters.

Bar Code Recognition

The level of capability is dependent upon the individual template and more advanced products to identify a lesser degree handwritten characters that are contained in particular area(s) of a document.

Simple Steps That a Business Can Use In Data Capturing

Are you running a business? The growing business data crops up the need to capture data and it also demands accuracy. The business has the tendency to compile documents till it becomes unmanageable and then the importance of digitizing the documents come into play.

Here are the steps to effectively capture the data –

Gather info in the day to day sales. Businesses keep organized records of the business deals which include sales on the daily basis. The records are analyzed either on the monthly or quarterly basis for examining the customer behavior.

Use media as a part of the in-depth research. Social media is the instrument for carrying out influential market research and posting on Facebook & Twitter bear comments & reviews.

Make sure to collect buyer’s feedback intrinsic to market research. There are different ways too to capture data apart from surveys and questionnaire. Data capture is innate to the business strategizing.

There are multiple methods used for capturing data from unstructured documents. Origins of the documents need to be captured, to see if the documents are available in their original electronic format and remove the need for printing and scanning. Consider the original documents, to determine if the documents can be updated to improve the recognition process and method. Also, determine what additional metadata can be extracted for free using a single reference.