Call Handling Customer Service

Customer Service Call Centres

Your Complete Solution To Customer Call Management

North Star Direct offers call handling services through which calls arriving at your office after work hours are answered professionally. It is very important to answer calls from people round the clock and not just during busy office hours as it reflects on your business image and the outreach of client satisfaction is paramount for all businesses.

Why opt for North Star Direct’s Call Handling Customer Service?

Each call must be given due attention, so that clients get the answers they seek or can place an order for your products or services. Our skilled staffs are experts in managing such calls and work diligently to give your clients the information they require, thus building trust in your brand.

Here is a look at how our customer service call centres assist in your business’ growth:

  • We built trust in clients by quickly providing them the information they seek
  • We give information about your products or services to people who inquire about them
  • We show people that your business is available 24×7 and round the clock to look into their needs

North Star Direct call handling staffs are trained to efficaciously manage every call. No call will go unanswered, which is very important to maintain a good business image. In addition to offering products or service information, our staff can also take messages from people, register complaints, set up appointments and much more. They can manage a variety of call handling tasks efficiently, thus relieving your office & administrative staff from such chores, which enables them to concentrate on other matters that need their attention.

North Star Direct call center has state-of-the-art equipment and we can manage hundreds of call in an hour. We are a highly customer-oriented company and strive to promote your brand by providing quality inbound call handling services during busy work hours when there is a call overflow, after work hours, during weekends or holidays.

By outsourcing your call handling activities to us, your business will gain considerably both in terms of client satisfaction and business generation. We also cater to seasonal businesses so that you don’t have to hire extra staff at a moment’s notice and train them to manage such calls which can increase your administrative costs. The expense of buying equipment, setting up more space in the office to managing calls can be avoided by outsourcing to us. You business will never miss out on any client call, which induces confidence about it.