The development of our call centre staff is a crucial part of our organisation. That’s why we have committed ourselves to offer NVQ training so that we can bring out the best in our new or existing staff.

It is a core part of our strategy to employ and keep the best individuals.

Outstanding customer service has a direct impact upon improved sales and customer retention, as well as brand perceptions and trust. For us to deliver on our promises of excellent service we select only the finest candidates who are carefully assessed during recruitment and are rigorously trained before they go live. This is then followed by an intense educating process where our employees are given full training on all clients, products and services offered. We seek to imbibe the spirit and ethos of the client into our staff to allow them to treat the service as their own.

We pride ourselves on treating customers as people rather than just calls. However in contact centres many interactions can become very process-driven and even sound scripted. We have invested in training to encourage agents to have real and free-flowing conversations with our customers in order to build a trust between the customer and the client and deliver the best service possible.

The wellbeing of our staff is also incredibly important to us for they are the first-line contact with the customer. It is our staff that will be representing your company and improving employees’ wellness can have a significant impact on both individual and organisational performance. We constantly listen to our employees’ issues in order to effectively manage the wellbeing of our staff. This management gives us a competitive edge in a difficult market by allowing us to attract and retain the best people.

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