Measuring the effectiveness of call centre services that you hire

Call center services are an exceptionally important component of the consumer service department. Basically, these service providers are responsible for closely monitoring different patterns and trends and also finding any piece of information that might prove useful in enhancing the consumer experience.

You might be of the opinion that you have hired the best call center services in UK, but how do you assess its effectiveness? For the same, you may make use of various key performance indicators (KPIs) which prove useful in measuring the different aspects of call centre services. All in all, these metrics help the businesses to determine whether or not the call centre services that they have hired are effective in tending to customer requests.

If you wish to assess the same, mentioned below are a few major factors that you need to consider.

  1. Consumer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is basically a measure of how much satisfied your customers are with your company’s offerings. For quantification of customer satisfaction and also to get feedback from customers, companies may make use of various surveying tools. This helps to determine whether the customer services are being offered in the right manner or not.
  1. Resolution in the first call. This is basically the number of cases that get resolved during the first call that customers make to the call center. This is an important determinant since it considerably reduces customer churn rate. The best consumer services are those which solve the issues in the first instance itself and resolution in the first call is a determinant of whether or not you are able to do the same.
  1. Service level. These are the number of calls that get answered within the suggested time period. This shows whether your business has sufficient resources to satiate consumer requirements. It indicates if customers are able to connect with the designated professional quickly and if their issues are getting resolved in a timely manner. If your service level seems to be declining, it’s time for you to hire better call centre services providers or hire more employees.
  1. Call availability. This is a measure of how often your representatives remain available to take the calls and how much time they take to resolve the issues. This metric provides management with the knowledge of whether the call centre services that they have hired live up to their expectations. Call availability helps to identify the peak operation hours and when managers see that the representatives have low availability at some specific time during the day or week, they will make necessary adjustments in this regard.
  1. Contact quality. This is a fairly common call centre metric that is used across many industries. A quality control expert analyzes random call recordings to evaluate the call centre representatives in respect of professionalism, courtesy, the accuracy of information provided by them, and their effectiveness at capturing consumer data.

These are a few important metrics that will help you to measure the effectiveness of call centre services that you hire. It is important that you monitor these metrics regularly. In case you fail to do this, you will keep spending your money on something that stopped being beneficial for you long back.