Features and Importance of Great Customer Service!

A business is about winning customer’s trust and interests. It is not just about providing great goods that customers are buying and they are happy enough, but also maintaining a formal relation after that. Customer support/care/service is the way to reach to your customer’s mind and heart. A random customer is 95% truthful while talking to a customer care executive and that is why majorly all the giant businesses have obtained a department of customer support. The agents who are there to talk to customers can get customer’s advises, reviews about products, suggestions if there are any etc.

The department of call handling customer service is a help centre for customers. Whenever a customer of any specific product or service, face any issues in understand the product or after using the product can get in touch with customer service people and can get prompt help. Following are some of the facts that define the high quality customer service.

Response time: The response time can be defined as the time taken to be in verbal contact with the customer. There are protocols like a customer will leave a query over the website of a product and he receives a text saying we will call you back, but it’s been 3 days since he left the query . Now, this was an example of poor customer service. A customer always expects that his query should be acknowledged the same day and no later than by the end of the day. It also counts the number of times a customer needs to call on the helpline number before it finally gets connected. The more time is taken to response, the more the customer gets dissatisfied.

Conversational etiquette: Customers are the ultimate need of any business, without customers a business cannot last long. If you’ve ever talked to a customer support executive, you would know how politely they talk and nicely behave with you. For all the customers, care executives should maintain the same level of kindness and politeness. It is said that a humble approach for helping an angry customer can covert him into a happy and satisfied customer.

Reliability: A customer always expects to be served with help in case of emergencies. Suppose a customer ordered something online and received the parcel but when he opened it there was something else, the product delivered is wrong. He tried to get the contact details of the company and couldn’t find any call contact number. By now, half of his mind is convinced that the company he ordered the product from is fraud. Now, if the parcel itself had the customer support number mentioned on it, he’d have called on it and could tell them about the mistake, the support executive would quickly rectify the mistake, dispatch a parcel on priority bases and provide the tracking information to the customer. I don’t know about people but if I were that customer I’d be satisfied enough knowing that the company tried to solve the puzzle and helped me. Through customer support team, a business can make customers feel that they are dealing with a reliable seller or service provider.

Customer care team in a business is highly required as the department helps their customers in need and stay in constant contact with them. It also plays a huge roll in customer retention.