North Star Direct was founded with the aim of delivering excellent customer service through a multi-channel approach. We are comprised of a highly experienced and versatile management team that gives the company a fluid and dynamic leadership and the ability to adapt quickly to changing environments. Our contact centre is a mid-sized, hi-tech facility that lends us the flexibility we need to deliver to both blue chip companies and small to medium sized enterprises equally, without sacrificing quality.


Our mission is:

to deliver outstanding customer service on behalf of our clients by providing bespoke and custom fit solutions for their specific needs and, by employing the best technology and staff in order to increase sales and customer retention and drive down costs. We seek to provide an outsourced solution to your in-house needs

Quality of service is at the heart of our ethos and highly motivated and educated employees are the key to our success. Our own experience in the contact centre industry coupled with the way we train, develop, and motivate our staff helps us to ensure we maximise results and minimise costs.

We can provide a full range of solutions from inbound customer service help lines, mail order, Overflow to fully tailored dedicated campaigns. North Star Direct has built a reputation of maintaining unbeatable standards in its inbound call handling service. This is because North Star Direct takes the greatest care to represent your company at the highest level in order to bring your customers closer to you. However our services are not merely reactive rather, we strive to deliver a proactive service and thus add considerable value to our clients’ businesses.

Our dedication to deliver and exceed is what we build our business on and this is mirrored in our client and customer relationships.



We strongly believe that our philosophy of excellence must be given the correct environment to grow in. For this reason we are very much dedicated to improving our technology and ensuring that it remains up to date and hi-tech. Our state of the art 100 seated call centre has the capability to easily handle over 2000 calls per day. We also offer an overflow service that gives our clients extended opening hours as well as increased call capacity. We can provide cover 24/7 throughout the year including bank holidays. In our rapidly changing environment we can provide multi-lingual operators who are fluent in European and Asian languages.

A high quality service

You can be assured of receiving the best quality services when you rely on our custom-made call centres. Our firm has been founded on our ability to listen to your requirements and targets so we can provide you with the best solutions for your company. You can take advantage of a selection of high quality services, including the handling of inbound calls from customers, as well as telemarketing campaign support. Whatever your plans are for the short or long term, we can provide UK call centres and solutions that will fit with your needs.

We take great pride in our business and in our ability to provide expert solutions in the area of outsourcing call centres. We believe a pro-active service is the key to finding the best call centre solutions in each and every case. You are an individual with a unique company, which is why we work hard to provide a unique solution that ticks all the boxes for you. Get in touch now and find out how our company can help yours.


Technology is a key part in the Smooth running of northstar direct as a call centre which in turn delivers the best in overall customer service experience.
At Northstar direct we have invested heavily in call centre multimedia technology which will facilitate all our new and existing clients.We have advanced IVR handling and intelligent call routing.Our equipment is supplied by Avaya, Mitel, Cisco and Dell which is at the front of call centre technology.

We offer