Call Centre Outsourcing

North Star Direct provides complete outsourcing solutions within the contact centre environment that give the client a bespoke, high quality, consumer focused, and proficient service. In order to meet the ever altering demands of an exigent business environment there has been a constant struggle, but by ensuring your outsourced business is in safe hands you can significantly reduce risk and increase ...

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Inbound Services

We use both Bureau and Dedicated services in our inbound call centre. We will work closely with the client to establish exactly…

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Dedicated Services

The dedicated service we offer provides a fully integrated and bespoke solution able to handle customer contacts for a single client…

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Bureau Services

Our Inbound Bureau service offers a high quality and reliable option for any client looking to outsource work based …

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Selecting the right service is of upmost importance for a client and having a large range to choose from that can be tailored to fit individual needs is always helpful. North Star Direct offers inbound call handling and outbound services in a fluid and ...

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North Star Direct is an experienced provider of outsourcing call centre solutions. We handle all inbound calls in this industry. If you want top quality call centre services you can rely on for the short or long term, contact North Star Direct today for more information.

Forging a smoother path in the call centre industry

There are many benefits to outsourcing call centre requirements. You can adapt more easily to a constantly changing environment. It also leaves you free to focus on management issues and providing the best quality of service you possibly can. Call centres established within a business are more complex to handle than outsourced ones, so why not change the way you do business today? It will benefit your customers as well as your company.

A wealth of experience

We can provide bespoke solutions for all UK call centre requirements for small and large businesses. Whether you provide business to business services or business to consumer services, we can help provide the right call centre service for your needs. Reduce your costs, increase your profits and reduce the amount of space your business needs to function on a daily basis.

Contact North Star Direct to outsource your call centre requirements now

We have been outsourcing call centres solutions for a long time. Our guaranteed track record has been forged over years of experience, providing profitable and practical solutions for our many clients.

Contact us now to discuss your own unique needs in the call centre industry. Whether you want something simple or something far more complex, you can be assured of getting just what you require from North Star Direct. Our high quality, bespoke and cost effective call centres solutions are waiting to be taken advantage of by you. Take the practical and sensible route to business success and management today with our help.


Our dedication to deliver and exceed is what we build our business on and this is mirrored in our client and customer relationships.

A high quality service

We can provide a full range of solutions from inbound customer service helplines to fully tailored outbound telemarketing campaigns. North Star Direct has built a reputation of maintaining unbeatable standards in its inbound call handling service and outbound calling teams. This is because North Star Direct takes the greatest care to represent your company at the highest level in order to bring your customers closer to you.

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Outsourcing is a major decision for many companies. The possible monetary benefits have to be reconciled with the potential effect on customer service and satisfaction. Releasing a major part of your revenue building capabilities and exposing your customer base to a third party can be both a positive or negative endeavor. The question is not whether the outsourced company will deliver but will they deliver as you would yourselves deliver or even better?

For the outsourced company, abating the natural fears of a potential client is of the upmost importance. It involves having a deep understanding of the client’s business, cultivating a philosophy and ethos which echoes the client’s own ethos to customer service, adding value to their existing functions and lot more.

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