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Call Centre Outsourcing

North Star Direct provides complete outsourcing solutions within the contact centre environment that give the client a bespoke, high quality, consumer focused, and proficient service. In order to meet the ever altering demands of an exigent business environment there has been a constant struggle, but by ensuring your outsourced business is in safe hands you can significantly reduce risk and increase ...

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Inbound Services

We use both Bureau and Dedicated services in our inbound call centre. We will work closely with the client to establish exactly…

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Dedicated Call Centre Services UK

The dedicated service we offer provides a fully integrated and bespoke solution able to handle customer contacts for a single client…

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Inbound Bureau Services

Our Inbound Bureau service offers a high quality and reliable option for any client looking to outsource work based …

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Call and Contact Centre Based in UK

When customer service speaks for itself

The earliest known call centres were created during the 1960s. From then, it has come a long way. Today most of the companies have call centres, either selling products or taking care of their customers. There are lots of call centres in UK offering various services. North Star Direct is one of the leading players in the UK market offering a range of services in this domain. The company has a highly experienced and versatile management team along with proficient call centre executives, which allows them to provide the best service possible. The contact centre of the company is a mid-sized high tech facility which allows them to work for both blue chip companies and small to medium sized companies without compromising in quality.

North Star Direct: UK Call Centres

A host of customer oriented services

There are a host of services the company offers. Every call is given the best attention possible. It helps build trust in the customers by quickly providing them answers about products and services they seek. Call handling is done 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The staffs are trained specifically for every company and they make sure no call goes unanswered. Needless to say this approach and attention to detail ensures they provide the best customer service. The company is highly customer oriented and strives to give the best experience to every customer. State of the art equipment together with highly skilled employees provide quality inbound call handling.

North Star Direct: Call Centres

Personalized customer services

There are various companies, which provide their customer services via outsourcing. Those companies usually gain in client satisfaction and business generation by dealing with North Star Direct. The company also provides data capture services and mail order outsourcing. It also has overflow call centers, which helps the company when there is a spike in call volumes. The staff answers all the queries, takes down orders, thus helping the administrative staffs to concentrate on other matters. The business grows largely from it as all calls are answered.

In contrast to an in-house management, several companies opt for outsourcing call centers. North Star Direct provides services to such companies. It provides customer care services and also sells product for them. Almost every type of call center service is provided by North Star Direct. From call handling to call overflow, to more technical services such as data capturing and mail order outsourcing; It is a one stop shop for companies who outsource their work ensuring customer satisfaction and growing sales.

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